Brian W. Matthews

DEMONYM: Michigander

Role— Author of "Lament", co-author of "Graveduggery"


Brian W. Matthews @ Very Us Artists

Hear what Brian has to say about The Ghosts of Zero when questioned by the B-1X90 Interview Simulacrum "Synthia":

Listen to an audio sample from the soundtrack that accompanies Brian's stories:

Past Achievements— Though past achievements have been mostly academic, once did ride up in an elevator with the Doobie Brothers.

Future Achievements— Will make his presence first known in the small town of Kinsey in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, alongside Black Pine Lake, where the forces of good and evil will clash and set off a chain of events that will ripple around the globe; will write the first novel in the Forever Man series, which will detail the challenges faced by the residents of Kinsey; and will continue to work on other short stories.

Back Story— Brian was born the same year that scores of teenaged Liverpudian girls packed the Cavern Club to see the Beatles.  And while he has on numerous occasions tried to use this fact to take credit for the Fab Four's subsequent success, he has been told repeatedly that the timing of his birth was merely "God dropping the ball on that one."

Brian managed to sneak in through the back door of the University of Michigan in Dearborn and came away with the highly unmarketable degrees of microbiology and psychology.  He then celebrated a new career as a professional student.  Several uneventful years and a graduate degree later, he embarked on a journey through the minefields of being a child therapist. But ennui set in—as ennui does—and he changed careers in early 2000.  He became a financial planner.  The stock market has been underwater since.

Brian spent his youth in southeast Michigan with his parents and his two younger brothers, and he continues to live and work in Michigan with his wonderful wife and lovely daughter.

Final Notes— Brian has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  So don't bring up the thing about the stock market.