Don Bassingthwaite

DEMONYM: Canadian

Role— Author of "Too Much Is Never Enough"


Don Bassingthwaite @ Very Us Artists


Read and listen to an excerpt from "Too Much Is Never Enough" by Don with music by Bilian. CLICK HERE (PDF)

Past Achievements— Authored sixteen tie-in novels covering mages, werewolves, vampires, conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, martial arts fantasy, tainted dragons, and ancient hobgoblin empires, including the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy; contributed to the Lambda and World Fantasy Award-winning Bending the Landscape: Fantasy and Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction anthologies.

Future Achievements— Will author twinned fantasy series that will garner bestseller status and movie deals; will author a popular space opera series that will spin-off a successful gaming franchise; and being a fancier of beers, ales, whiskies, movies of dubious merit, and being a talented amateur chef (Indian a specialty), will become a trained brewmaster, super-talented professional chef, bon vivant and raconteur. Rake. Dandy.