Ed Greenwood

PSEUDONYM: Uncle Weirdbeard
DEMONYM: Rural Ontarian Canuck (former Torontonian)

Role— Author of "Best Served Flash-Frozen" and its Webshadow prequel "Truthtell"


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Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms®, receives a phone call from Interview Simulacrum Synthia—who subsequently meets her match—while talking all things Ghosts of Zero

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Past Achievements— Created The Forgotten Realms® campaign world; wrote over 130 novels and game products, dabbling in New York Times bestsellerdom and winning a shelfload of awards in the process, including induction (in 2003) into the Academy of Adventure Gaming, Art and Design's Hall of Fame; has worked in public libraries steadily for thirty-six years, whilst being a Contributing Editor for Dragon magazine and a prolific columnist, game designer, and short story writer; assembled a personal library of more than 80,000 books, most of which have been read. Still has eyeballs that (sort of) work.

Future Achievements— Will unleash a string of Elminster novels, forthcoming one a year from Wizards of the Coast; will unfold currently-top-secret fiction projects with two other major publishers and produce some smaller (but probably more fun) toys with smaller publishers, reflecting darkly on the state of publishing that various corporate lawyers can speak more freely about future Ed Greenwood efforts than Ed Greenwood can. Grrr.

Back Story— Born a mild-mannered oldest child to a pair of choral singers (one a teacher, one a radar physicist and later university professor) in a wealthy suburb of what became Toronto, Canada, Ed plunged into the world of books in his father's den at a very early age and only emerged to ask for sequels or be dragged off to school (which he largely found boring in the extreme). He paid his way through university with fantasy novel writing and game design (possibly a first for any Canadian), rose to bestsellerdom without anyone in Canada noticing (which has from time to time come in very handy), became a fixture Guest of Honor at many conventions and along the way somehow transmogrified into an Elder Gaming God (it's the chin tentacles that do it) and now an aging guy with bad knees and a loving wife of almost three decades, with whom he now resides in rural bliss.

Final Notes— Ed is fond of reading in bed, semicolons, em dashes (hi, Jeff!), and long, intricate sentences that drive modern American editors crazy. Er, crazier. There is no truth to the rumor that some fans are still lost and wandering somewhere south of his chin, trapped in the labyrinthine coils of his Victorian beard.