Jaleigh Johnson

DEMONYM: Illinoisan

Role— Author of "Made in Brazil | Living in Japan"


Jaleigh Johnson @ Very Us Artists

Jaleigh has interacted with B-One Corporation's interview-simulacrum beta B-1X90 Synthia regarding her role in The Ghosts of Zero:

Past Achievements— Authored three Forgotten Realms® novels: The Howling Delve, Mistshore, and Unbroken Chain; and authored numerous published short stories and a small selection of gaming articles.

Future Achievements— Will publish a sequel for Unbroken Chain; will finally finish writing the Venice fantasy novel; and will start the young adult steampunk train adventure...right after constructing a time machine to facilitate all these future projects.

Back Story— Jaleigh is a gamer, is married to a gamer, has plans to raise gamer children and possibly gamer puppies and hamsters.  When not absorbed by any of the above, she enjoys going to movies, gardening and reading.

Final Notes— Did Jaleigh mention she is a gamer?