Ken Hart

PSEUDONYM: Ken of Ghastria
DEMONYM: New Jerseyian

Role— Author of "Crossed Swords"


Ken Hart @ Very Us Artists

Past Achievements— Edited many, many RPG supplements and adventures; served as continuity cop on massive D&D projects such as Goodman Games' Castle Whiterock boxed set in 2007; was senior editor/writer for a syndicated entertainment TV show/website back in 1997-1999, where he got to write about Godzilla, ska, baseball, and games and was paid to do so (the dotcom days were glorious); at this same time, was threatened by Spelling Entertainment over his highly satirical and very popular Melrose Place recaps site; retaliated by getting his plight and picture in TIME magazine, whereafter the legal threat immediately ceased (although Ken contends that Time Inc. made a mistake by putting Brad Pitt on the cover); and in college, once defeated New York City's épée champion in a fencing tournament, but fortunately, this identity was not known to Ken at the time, else he may have wet himself.

Future Achievements— Will have a great deal of fun raising his toddler daughter to be a magnificent, super-intelligent charmer with a love of geekdom (he nearly cried when, at age 3 she said, "I want to play Dungeons & Dragons, Daddy" *sniff*); will take the great enthusiasm gained from the Foreshadows experience to write a supremely creepy horror story about a druid and wolves (the lead character will be named after his pet hedgehog, who has not yet been born); and will weep with joy in the year 2019 when someone finally makes a good Ghost Rider movie.

Back Story— In his twenties, Ken escaped the psionic force field that surrounds Staten Island, NY. He says that if your travels ever bring you there and one of the residents tells you with great certainty that Ronald Reagan is still president and that NASCAR is god, be safe: Nod sagely and say, "Yes, I'm here for the Festival," then flee.

Final Notes— Like Jeff LaSala, Ken is extremely fond of the em dash. One day, he hopes that all people on earth will become enlightened and realize that "rein" and "reign" are two different words. He is a beer snob, highly competitive (and will gain pleasure from defeating children in Trivial Pursuit), and wishes that he could—just once—win a game of Fantasy Flight's Lord of the Rings board game.