Robert Velarde

PSEUDONYM: Mindtopaper
DEMONYM: Coloradan

Role— Author of "All the Good Things You Are"


Robert Velarde @ Very Us Artists

Hear what Robert has to say about his role in The Ghosts of Zero:

Past Achievements— Authored several books, including The Wisdom of Pixar, Conversations With C.S. Lewis, The Heart of Narnia, Examining Alternative Medicine; and authored numerous articles, online and in print, on topics such as philosophy of technology, ethics, and theology.

Future Achievements— Will complete an academic philosophy and theology work; will continue slowly pressing forward with a young adult novel set in 11th century China; will return to music composition, his primary instrument being piano (though he dabbles in playing fretless electric bass).

Back Story— Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Robert's love of science fiction started with films in the late '70s, while his exposure to cyberpunk fiction began in the '80s with William Gibson's iconic work Neuromancer. A classically-trained musician and composer, Robert's graduate studies were in philosophy and theology. Shifting from smog to snow, Robert resides in Colorado with his wife, four children, a feisty beagle, and lots of books.

Final Notes— Robert is a staunch supporter of the serial comma, per the Chicago Manual of Style (6.19-20), though if pressed on the matter by a publisher he just may be willing to give in to improper comma usage.