Ruth Lampi & Jessica Van Oort

PSEUDONYM: Ninjadancer and the Elfnextdoor
DEMONYM: Philadelphians

Role— Co-authors of "Unto the Interface"


Ruth and Jessica @ Very Us Artists

Past Achievements— Have together authored a handful of RPG adventures, a sourcebook on eladrin, and a series of YA novels; have individually been responsible for several scholarly articles and moonlighted as a freelance illustrator, respectively; and have owned and operated a small business that takes them to conventions around the states, setting the stage for world domination.

Future Achievements— Will write many novels in their shared world; will start a wildly popular web comic; will create a series of RPG supplements full of amazing maps and unique characters in an original world setting; will present lectures at medievalist conferences; will gain tenure; will write and illustrate a full color graphic novel; and all while traveling the world selling geeky T-shirts, and staying up late discussing creature design and paradigm shifts.

Back Story— Ruth and Jessica were psionically grafted into a gestalt consciousness in their mid teens, and have been inseparable since that event.  They answer to either name, and can communicate non-verbally.  Ruth and Jessica share between them a BFA in Fine Art, a Doctorate in Dance History, and a shared world whose inception began when they were 13 and 15.