Michael Triggs (as Alternate Modes of Underwater Consciousness)

PSEUDONYM: Lunarsight
DEMONYM: Wormtowner

Role— Co-composer of "Cenotaph, or We've Been Reduced to Lo-Fi," and contributing musician to "Geist Eidetic 3:4"


Alternate Modes of Underwater Consciousness @ Very Us Artists

Hear what Michael has to say about his work on The Ghosts of Zero:

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Past Achievements— As a self-professed jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, has dabbled in electronic music for well over a decade, producing a body of work which is freely available in various nooks and crannies online, such as alonetone.com, soundclick.com, last.fm and rpmchallenge.com

Future Achievements— Will not write down what he plans to do (or it will never get done); and will continue to live in the best nation in the world: procrastination.

Back Story— Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness is everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' electronica programmed by an ADD-riddled, over-caffeinated computer geek who clearly doesn't feel like creating electronica. When he is not programming music, he is fighting crime with his imaginary Jewish cohort, Irving Finkelstein. Not that there is much crime around him; it rarely amounts to more than people ripping the "do not remove" tags from pillows, as well as your occasional jaywalking pigeon.