William Ian Jaws (as Bilian)

PSEUDONYM: 1000000000
DEMONYM: Long Islander

Role— Album co-producer, composer of "Too Much Is Never Enough," "Love Simulacra," "All the Good Things You Are," co-composer of "Made in Brazil | Living in Japan," and contributing musician to "Geist Intrinsic 4:4"


Bilian @ Very Us Artists


Read and listen to an excerpt from "Too Much Is Never Enough" by Don Bassingthwaite with music by Bilian. CLICK HERE (PDF)

Listen to samples of Bilian's work on Foreshadows:

Past Achievements— Wrote, performed, produced and self-released Nomenclature's Storms in Time and Carved Insane's Pain Junkie; toured the Eastern Seaboard as the vocalist for Christ Cage, then as vocalist/bassist for Nomenclature, and the drummer for I, Parasite; remixed releases for acts such as Leæther Strip and Apex Mind; released a cover of the Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up" that has filled dance-floors in clubs from Hamburg to Cozumel; released a popular sound-and-music modification pack for the survival/horror video game, Left 4 Dead 2; and acquired many years of professional experience as a musician, DJ, live sound engineer, studio assistant engineer, studio booking manager and producer.

Future Achievements— Will release a series of mind-blowing concept albums that will have been in the works for years; will produce and remix the music of his talented peers; will tour the globe performing; and will continue to break new ground as an artistic director for the Very Us Artists.

Back Story— William has been working and performing in clubs, studios, and on stage for almost two decades. Having shown an early interest in art and music, he began ten years of professional drum lessons at the age 5. As a frustrated and rebellious teenager, William soon quit his weekly lessons and discovered he could easily drum along to his favorite electronic and rock CDs. Soon he was spending more time than ever immersed in music and eventually moved on to develop his own music-making with training in voice and tonal instruments, while also learning to write and record his own songs. Throughout honing his skills mixing live bands, paying his dues assisting at local recording studios, and going to school to study recording engineering, most weekends would find young William at goth-industrial dance clubs where he spun and mixed his favorite records to the delight of the crowd and forged his name as DJ Bilian. His many gigs exposed thousands of people to the best industrial, electronic and darkwave music these genres had to offer.

Around the same time, Bilian began gigging and touring with the first of several bands. Throughout his years of performance and recording, he became known for his dynamic musical prowess, intense stage presence, and imaginative writing. His diverse songwriting influences, ranging from heavy electronic rock to classical, lent him a strong focus on both the musical architecture and raw, unyielding expression he presents in his music.

Showing no signs of stopping, these days see Bilian continuing to write and release his own music, in addition to writing and producing music for the Very Us Artists, sound designing for video games, and remixing musical acts from all over the world.