Jeremy Simmons

Role— Composer of "Deep in the Deep: Reaction-Diffusion Dies Tonight"


Jeremy Simmons @ Very Us Artists

Past Achievements— Was fortunate enough to have his CD, Castrovalva, represented through Sidedown Audio, which was a great experience for him; and although he remains proud that his music composition is rarely affected by what he thinks other people want it to sound like, he could not say for sure that that's what actually happened, no matter how certain he may be that it is. Hah.

Future Achievements— Will someday be able to do whatever the hell he wants; and in a nobler or loftier future, will have the base of his spine delighted by having his music loved and appreciated by a vast audience, even if they never personally know it is him who created it.

Final Notes— Nope....nein, nyet, non.