John LaSala

PSEUDONYM: The LaSalamander
DEMONYM: New Jerseyan

Role— Album co-producer, anthology second editor, and co-author of "Geist Anthropic 1:4," "Geist Threnodic 2:4," "Geist Eidetic 3:4," and "Geist Intrinsic 4:4"


John LaSala @ Very Us Artists

Listen to an audio sample from the soundtrack that accompanies John's story:

Past Achievements— Composed a trilogy of full-length dance theater scores, including The Snow Queen, Soul Descending, and 3am, 89°, no wind; and founded the Very Us Artists, which most recently turned the deviant humor blog, My First Dictionary, into a children's musical. Sort of.

Future Achievements— With VUA, will continue to produce and then try to cram round peg music projects into square holes; will collaborate to the end of his days with brother Jeff LaSala on building the world that hosts the Savant Cycle; will finally find a way to bring that flying trick from his dreams into reality; and will otherwise continue to pile heaps of overly ambitious projects onto his undersized plate.

Final Notes— Don't let the portrait fool you. John's a helluva nice guy.