Mick Martin (as Michelangelo)

PSEUDONYM: Lately, "Mikevil Knevil"
DEMONYM: Dallasite (though they use "cowboy" around here a lot...jackasses)

Role— Composer of "Graveduggery: Chimera Moon," "Best Served Flash-Frozen," "Twenty-One-Oh," "Crossed Swords," co-composer of "Geist Anthropic 1:4" and contributing musician to "Anodyne Fading: The Wolf Without"


Michelangelo @ Very Us Artists

Hear samples of Michelangelo's work on The Ghosts of Zero:

Past Achievements— Started misguided in a Van Halen copy band in the '90s during the Van Hagar years; started looping synthesizers and MIDI guitar in the mid-'90s as a solo musician, way before it was the rage it is now; served as an audio engineer at Sunset Studio for 3 years, doubling as a studio musician on guitar and drums; and travelled to discover new instruments of simple make and materials, which is how his music became what it is today.

Future Achievements— Will spread his genomic genotype to achieve immortality through his descendants.

Back Story— A telling moment for Mick occurred in Kuranda, Queensland, when he played djembe for the locals. One of them said he was impressed and would trade him djembe lessons for didjeridu lessons. Giri Guri was ancient Aborigine, with a shock of what Mick thinks was hair, and he taught him an instrument that, for the first time, let him express his inner being through its sheer simplicity. There's nowhere to hide when you're blowing through a hollow log, so it becomes a journey of exploration and self-discovery.