Alan Norman (as Thee Crumb)

DEMONYM: Englander

Role— Co-composer of "Anodyne Fading: The Wolf Without" and contributing musician to "Best Served Flash-Frozen" and "Geist Eidetic 3:4"


Thee Crumb @ Very Us Artists

Listen to samples of Thee Crumb's work on Foreshadows:

Past Achievements— Released nine full albums, mostly as online downloads or limited edition CD-Rs and cassettes; released several of EPs; made a number of compilation appearances; and put on some live shows (mostly in Japan, oddly enough), all the while blaming the Internet, since in the past, people like Alan would've stayed at home and languished in obscurity rather than moving up the ladder toward mass indifference.

Future Achievements— Although the future would seem unwritten, will release more music in various guises, numbering at least 100 albums before retiring.

Back Story— Alan has been making music for a good number of years, in various forms, but as Thee Crumb he's been active since the start of 2007. He played in a number in bands back in the Nineties (guitar and bass) and got exactly nowhere, so he decided to rethink his approach. This basically meant he ended up spending several years doing nothing. Then, due to a series of events, he discovered computers and a whole new way opened up.

Final Notes— Everything you know is wrong...