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"FORESHADOWS is an ambitious and imaginative project that combines cutting-edge music with original stories. This project adds another dimension to fiction"
Kevin J. Anderson, author of Clockwork Angels (with Neil Peart) and the Terra Incognita series (tie-in with Roswell Six).

"FORESHADOWS: The Ghosts of Zero is a monumental achievement—a collection of fiction and music that succeeds on every level, from concept to execution. Listening to the accompanying CD while reading the stories makes for a wild ride, with both media supporting the other in fresh and exciting ways. This isnít just a book, but an experience that must not be missed."
Philip Athans, best-selling author of Annihilation and Devils of the Endless Deep, at

"In a near-future world where human augmentation is common and gifted children are referred to as 'neuro-technology,' a cynical PI observes, 'Technology was always advancing. It was humanity that was regressing.' Some of the tales in this intriguing cyberpunk anthology illustrate this maxim, others suggest that certain deeply human traits will transcend technology. There's lots of gritty action here and a soundtrack to match it, but there's also Jaleigh Johnson's poignant meditation on art and love and memory, and a note of hope in Rosemary Jones's story of a young librarian determined to pass on her love of stories."
Elaine Cunningham

"[This] is a truly remarkable science fiction anthology. It offers an intriguing vision of a not-so-distant future in which our world has been transformed not by dramatic technological upheaval but by the slow and steady erosion of mankind's assumptions about his own identity."
C. S. Friedman
 from the Foreword to Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero

"[T]here are plenty of other great stories here, not to mention the interpretive music that has something for all tastes. The music collection can easily stand by itself and itís likely that some selections will find themselves on your 'favorites' playlist."
Susan Dunman,

"I look forward to having the time to re-read these stories and really let them soak in. They are wonderfully visual, almost cinematic in nature, and told in a manner that really engages with the reader."
Thomas Mathie,

"If you love sci-fi and have a fondness for electronic music in all its wonderful shapes and sizes then I would heartily recommend this book/CD combo. I would also recommend this approach to other indie publishers…this combo approach is a great package for the consumer and I, for one, would love to see other examples of this on the shelves."
Thomas Mathie,

"Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero is to science fiction what astronaut Steve Austin was to humanity—better, stronger, faster. Cooler. Chock-full of action/noir stories cybernetically enhanced with accompanying music and art, this anthology is a multimedia experience every bit as groundbreaking as the Six Million Dollar Man—only significantly less expensive!"
Marsheila Rockwell

"What [The Very Us Artists] have created here is near and dear to my heart. I love the combination of stories with music"…"really quite amazing"…"engaging and unique"…"I found the music lending an urgency and greatly enhanced my visualization of the stories. Well done, guys!"
—Shawn Gordon
 President, ProgRock Records

"The Very Us Artists have made their case for the next generation of cyberpunk, and itís a pretty bold statement." —Mr. Roboto, Cyberpunk Review

"In some ways, there is more Frankenstein than Neuromancer here. And, rather than the typical atheistic future weíve grown accustomed to in the genre, the book draws on several theologies (and mythologies) as it unfolds." —John Rossomangno, Broken Binding

"Stories have always been a source of inspiration for musicians, but this illustrated cyberpunk anthology turns the tables by using music as an idea catalyst for the authors of these stories." —Susan Dunman, SF Site

"Iíve never read or heard a project like this, and I hope it becomes the first of many that meld the arts of music and writing." —John Ottinger, Grasping for the Wind

"The music triggers memories of scenes from a book, and that's amazing. It's a testament to the power of music and story, as well as to the creativity of those who are part of this unique collaboration." —Susan Dunman,

"The musicians on this recording have really excelled themselves…as have the authors, to be honest. This is truly a great 'multi-media' package…and one I would happily recommend." —Thomas Mathie,